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ProCAD+ is THE computer aided drawing program for RISC OS computers.


Although the RISC OS 4 logo is shown, ProCAD+ will work on versions 3.1 and above.

Version 1.07 now has PDF output.

Product overview

A résumé of the features of ProCAD+ with new prices.


A list of typical uses for ProCAD+.

Reviews and Special Offers

Magazine articles and offers available to their readers.

Upgrade information

Upgrading to ProCAD+ version 1.07

Request an upgrade

On-line upgrade request.

ProCAD+ News

Latest features and fixes.


Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Hints & Tips

Good ideas supplied by users.

Users' Page

Includes free software and symbols to use with ProCAD+. 


Instructions and examples for use with demo. software.

Free demo. software

Get your free demo. copy of ProCAD+ and its plotter driver here.

More sample files 

A collection of real drawings created using ProCAD+.

 DIY Weather Charts 

Get your free ProCAD+ weather kit here.

Ordnance SurveyOS logo

Maps from ProCAD+ and the Ordnance Survey

Free gear software

Get your free copy of ProSpur+ here. (Now 26/32 bit neutral.)

PC version wProCAD+

Now available to run under Microsoft Windows.

File transfer to a PC

Advice on transferring files between RISC OS and Windows.

More Free Software

Free utility software for you to download - with my compliments.



Web site creation software for RISC OS.



Links to other sites.